Wednesday, January 25, 2006

In this case the currently reading Shadow of the Almighty actually means just finished reading Shadow of the Almighty. It is an incredible book, I pass it on with the highest regards. The real test will be writing the five page book review tomorrow, as to get a jump start on the semester.

Incidentally as I was finishing the book upstairs in Honeycutt my ear recognized the well amplified sound of John Letoto laughing (no surprise) downstairs in Founders (again no surprise). In typical Toto fashion he was entertaining more than one Boyce lady with his Hawaiian laid back charm. I joined in for a brief commentary on why light red is called pink but light blue still blue.

It does me a great pleasure to see the return of my beloved third floor eastside brothers, most recently Joiner, Paul Carr, and Tolly. Also, Carver's most prestigious hall now boast the occupation of Jordan Anderson, Chip, and Sean Morris- clinching that not only are we the coolest hall but in fact the best looking.

Now I have go beat a bunch of fourth floor kids in Risk. See you in the funny pages.

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