Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Something of an End

I am still in shock by how amazing the My Brightest Diamond w/ Tim Fite concert was. Experienced scenesters and cultural elitists alike referred to it as "the best yet at the 930" and even "the best show I've ever been to".

I simply do not have the vocabulary to accurately describe Tim Fite's live show. If pressed, I would probably resort to using words like bizarre, weird, eclectic, and possibly genius- though none of these really do him justice . One fellow Sojourner described him as a revival preacher on drugs- an apt description. Definitely worth your time to listen (his most recent album is available to download).

To say that My Brightest Diamond blew me away is an extreme understatement. It's one thing to hear Shara Worden's sultry, operatic voice on her highly polished studio recordings (which are quite fantastic). It's quite another thing to hear her in person- transversing multiple octaves with her intricate vocal acrobatics while shredding on both electric guitar and Rhodes. For an artsy group of musicians, these guys rock hard.

Drake, as always, recorded the show and should have the mastered copy on the web in a few days. I'll post a link so you guys don't have to miss out.

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