Thursday, January 31, 2008

1 year 30 days

Well thanks to the drive though guy at the Taco Bell my year of going without soda is over. I ordered a Lipton Rasberry Iced Tea . He said Lipton Rasberry Iced Tea back to me. However my first sip as Juicebox and I drove away proved that my drink was in fact a Pepsi Cola. It only took one sip for me to decide that I really do not miss soda pop.

Prior to the the mishap it had been 1 year and 30 days since I had any soda (ironically, my last soda was a Baha Blast Mountain Dew at a Taco Bell in PHX).

Oh well, I already decided that it no longer was going to be a legalistic standard anymore.


Bolo said...


Darren said...

no wonder you didn't miss it. Pepsi sucks.