Saturday, March 08, 2008

Various Colors

I'm a big fan of Various Colors by Kaori Ishitani, the new show at The 930 art gallery (Kissing Under the Mistletoe shown).

Katie and I (along with a handful of other committed art lovers) ventured out in the blizzard last night to go to the opening of this exhibit and the Brooks Ritter and Sarah Elizabeth concert that followed. Due to her limited English, Kaori Ishitani, a Japanese artist who lives in New York City, read her artist statement.

She explained that in her compositions she tries to explore the three questions, "Where did we come from?", "Why are we here?", and "Where are we going?". Interestingly, these are three of the questions that are behind every person's worldview.

She also explained the importance of color in her compositions (hence the title). For Ishitani, color is both a reflection of her emotions and feelings as well as her Japanese heritage.

It's a fantastic exhibit that definately deserves a trip up to the 930, even if you aren't a member of the Sojourn community.

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