Friday, June 05, 2009


A few highlights.

Started the day off with coffee from Cafe Driade. The owner, Todd, is one of only 7 American WBC judges. In other words, he's a baller. My latte was perfectly steamed. Quite possibly one of the best cups since I've tasted since Inteligentsia.

The conference.

Free copy of this book. Of course, I was given a free copy the day before by Sojourn. So anyone want a free copy of a great book?

Matt Chandler. Wow. He could be a younger, hipper John Piper. A rare mix of humility, burden, and Jeremy Enigk-esque emotion. I will need several days to muse over his message. I hope the mp3s are posted because I expect I will want to hear that one again.

The Sojourn band killed. Definitely fighting back some pride on behalf of my homies. Copies of Over the Grave seemed to be flying off the merch table. Even though I've only been in Columbus 2 weeks, it was still great to see my fam.


Shann said...

I'll read it.

Bolo said...

That's right...legit, baby, legit. Told you.