Saturday, November 20, 2010


Beirut it a crazy city. Admittedly, the nightlife is overrated if you're not into Hummers and designer clothes, but it's a beautiful place with hospitable people and delicious food. Highlights include:
  • Exploring the city by bike, thanks to a great company called Beirut by Bike. It was remarkably easier than biking in Istanbul.
  • Riding a Ferris Wheel- maybe for the first time(?)
  • Sleeping on the roof of a hostel (because there wasn't room inside). Actually this is only sort of a highlight because the mattress and pillow were really moldy and smelly.
  • Visiting the very impressive National Museum of Beirut, whose artifacts barely escaped being destroyed in the Lebanese Civil War.
Anyway it was a great trip but I'm glad to be back home in the 'Bul.

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