Monday, December 19, 2005

Well I had just finished typing a very intelligent and intriguing blog when I flipped the off switch on the surge bar,... that sucked...

Friday I traveled to the wonderful city of Flagstaff with some dear friends and watched the one and only Tad Klein, play a small show at a Christian bookstore. It was quite nostalgic for me, Tad wrote those songs over the past three years and I performed and recorded many of them with him over the year. After the show Mrs. Klein had the generosity to take everyone out to Cracker Barrel, which in my opinion is a fine eating establishment.

The following day the Butterworths/Gildersleeves had their annual Christmas party. I made out like a bandit with one of the best white elephant gifts, (that's right, ... like a bandit) and I filled my stomach filled with my Aunt Karen's immaculate fudge and peanut brittle. Last time a checked, fudge is good.

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