Friday, April 28, 2006

Pages to Sleep ratio

Wow, God certainly gave me an abundance of grace this week.

With a paper due everyday, it was one of the most difficult weeks academically i've had in 2 semesters. This can be determined scientifically by what i like to call the pages to sleep ratio. Sum total of pages of papers turned in = 35. Sum total of hours of sleep during same time period = 14. So when the the total hours of sleep is divided by the number of pages the quotient is equal to 0.40. That my friends is a very low pages to sleep ratio. I mean usually you want to have a positive ratio.

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Bolo said...

A positive ratio is easily achieved when one does no procrastinate.

Thus, my pages to sleep ratio shall, come Friday morning, display a steeply declining curve from the earlier part of the week to the latter part of the week.