Sunday, May 07, 2006

Well it has been an amazing two days. I can not remember feeling such a broad gamit of emotions in such a short period time in pretty much my entire life. Between the Spring Banquet and Bandfest, I have had more fun than anyone should have in such a short period of time.

The banquet was great. Everyone, and I mean everyone, there looked phenomenal (though I think Boyce Alumnus Scott O'Neil was my personal favorite). Other than not being able to actually eat any of the food, the event was a blast. Highlights of the evening included an appearence from the Boyce Mafia, a hilarious student life video, and my size 10 1/2 shoe winning my date, Christin Simpson, a gift certificate.

The after party was where the real festivities began though. If anyone has ever had more fun singing karaoke while sober I would be amazed. For those of you who weren't in attendence, lets just say Dr. Collins and my brother sang a little song called "Wild Thing". Nuff Said. I was unfortunately not able to beat John Tollefson in Ping Pong, which was dissapointing. However Lance and Noah turned out to be the best driver/photographers we could have ever hoped for.

Bandfest was awesome too, other than James Losey breaking his leg. That really sucked. Peter and I screwed up our songs in ways I pretty badly, but I do not think we were too terrible. Dr. Collins grills a great burger, and some of my Favorite Profs were there listening to the music.

wow, what a week!

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