Saturday, July 08, 2006

Haircut: The Outcome

To those of who were worried that my beautiful locks of hair would be subject to poor styling, you can rest assured that there is a merciful and loving God who answers prayer. The haircut I recieved at Wal-Mart (from a most young and charming stylist I might add)was far more than adequate, and actually met the same standard that I have come to expect from my past stylists (notably Jen Maurer, Chris Sellars, and Kristina Pelhank.)

I'm sure it comes as quite a relief to my readers that "Boyce's Best Hair" is still intact, and yes John, I'm still counting on it to bring me true love.


Bolo said...

Do you know what Pelhank told me?

James said...

ha ha! You should have seen how long my hair was last week before I got it cut! It was the first time I had it cut in 4 months :( It looked awesome!