Saturday, July 01, 2006

I have a sin to confess. I am one hundred percent jealous of everyone, including my brother, who has had the oppurtunity to go on a prolonged trip, intern at a church, be a staffer at a youth camp, et cetera.

Now I realize that all Christians are called to be missional in all circumstances, and in fact the bi-vocational and "tent-maker" ministry models are perhaps the most biblical, but quite frankly it's hard to remember to be missional when working a 40-50 hour work schedule.

Despite my gross incompentence, and my dozens of missed opurtunities, there have been a few successes.

Recently, I had the misfortune of being forced to work a Sunday. However since my legalistic nature demanded that I would attempt to try to feel better about missing church, I brought my Bible (which I am in the habit of doing anyway) to read when business was slow. One patron, upon spotting my opened Bible on a table, mentioned that he used to be very active in a good, Bible believing church, but recently had allowed his attendence to diminished. From no cause of my own doing, he left resolved to return to church and once again pursue his relationship with God.

Previously, at my other job, I had a pleasant conversation with my co-worker Alex, who is the foster son of the owners. He mentioned that he hated going to church (his foster family is Mormon) and was very upset that he had to have his long hair chopped off. I mentioned that the Bible endorses no particular hair stlye (as I, myself, have recieved persecution for my slightly longer than average locks) and off-handily mentioned that Samson, a judge of Israel, had very long hair. Alex responded by saying "I'm sorry, I don't konw who that is." I proceeded to paraphrase the entire story of Samson- right down to the grusome end.

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