Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I don't own a car, most of you who know me probably already know that, most likely because I've asked you for a ride (big thanks to everyone who's ever said yes). I have no plan (or means)to obtain a car, and I posses no reason to, save perhaps the selfish desire to not depend on other people. As a consequence, when my friends start tallking about their dream cars, or the car they're saving up for, etc, I usually tune out and think about things that actually interest me. Thus, I have to admit that I was surprised I had such a good time when I saw Disney/Pixar's Cars yesterday.

And while I am against such sins as illegal street racing, and am a proponent of such piously boring concepts as car-pooling in enviromentally safe(er) fuel efficient vehicles, the movie- though being in direct conflict with this worldview- was genuinely enjoyable. Much of the movie takes place on (an animated) historic Route 66, with geography very akin my neck of the woods (i.e. Holbrook, Flagstaff, and Winslow). My favorite line by far was when Owen Wilson's character, Lightening McQueen, says,

"I create feelings in other people that they themselves do not understand."

Something I can definately relate to.

On the subject of automotives, I friend of mine had her car stolen, this after her roommate's car broke down (beyond repair) a few days before.

I really don't mind not having a car, in fact, i recommend it.

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-mike- said...

Bicycles are the way to go, for sure!