Wednesday, December 06, 2006

John Letoto

So, there's a pretty good chance if you read my blog (all six of you), you probably read Toto's blog too. If so, you are probably familiar with how he often will profile differant Boyce students in his blog, notably Lauren Duncan, Lindsey Peonie and too many others to name. Well it is long over due for someone to dedicate a full blog entry to him.

Anyway, beyond Toto's well known and easy to stereotype exterior (i.e. cocky, well-dressed, Hawian, insomniac, coffee addict, MAJOR food mooch, hardcore frisbee player, incredibly attractive yet perpetually single, et cetera) believe it or not is actually a kind, loving, and dare I say decent human being. Shocking, I know.

Perhaps this is best proven by the repeated times John has picked Paul and I up from the airport, often at strange hours of the day/night. Or better still, the time that John drove Paul and I to Nashville when our Mom was sick and in the hospital. He is a dependable friend that is there when you need him. Yeah, Toto doesn't like to advertise it, but he's a total softy (I do feel like I will be punched for that one).

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