Friday, March 23, 2007


I attended a pre-sanctified divine liturgy at Saint Michael's Eastern Orthodox Church yesterday- quite an enlightening experience. Quite unlike any church service I have been to before.

The building itself is absolutely beautiful, especially the inside of the dome.

Worshipping in an Eastern Orthodox church is a true multi-sensory experience, you see the icons, you hear the Word of God sung and preached, you smell the incense, you taste the Eucharist (well I didn't- but that's because I'm not Eastern Orthodox). There is a lot of ritual and tradition, a lot of pomp and circumstance, but we're talking about traditions that have been unchanged for over 1,400 years!

After the liturgy my brother, a friend, and I were invited by the parishioners to join them at potluck where we got to talk with the head priest, who was kind enough to answer all of our questions.

Overall, the entire experience really expanded my understanding of Christianity, and who my brothers are.


ordi said...

hehe.. wow.. all these pictures remind me SOOOOOOOOO much of the catholic churches I used to attend (back when I was Catholic).. actually, there's nothing different at all so far :P ... isn't the only difference between these guys and the catholics that the C's believe in the authority of the Pope and glorify (not worship) Mary?

yeahmeansyes said...

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