Monday, April 09, 2007

He is Risen

My Easter was pretty much awesome, and not because of the cheap store-brand chocolate (though i do love me some cheap store-brand chocolate).

It started out well when Buck and I actually made it to church in time for the early service (though we cut it pretty close). Pastor Butler preached an amazing sermon on the exclusivity of Christ and the importance of the resurrection- very bold considering the crowd was predominately visitors.

In the second service I was in child care, with 13 two-year-olds. It went incredibly well considering.

After church Buck and I hit up the Beanblossom's Easter gathering, where there was great fellowship and Derby Pie to be had. Afterwards, we stopped by the Reddick household for Sarah and Billy's engagement party, where we joined pretty much half of the city of Louisville in congratulating Boyce's must un-Boyce-like couple.

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