Sunday, August 19, 2007

Coffee: The Week in Review.

Starbucks: Friday night I stopped by and ordered what used to be my favorite drink, the Dulce de Leche Latte. It was the first time I've ordered it in several months and after a summer of drinking half-pump white mochas and caramel lattes it was just too sweet. Being especially thirsty, I also purchased an iced green tea, which was delicious- though next time I think I will get it unsweet.

Java: I was there 2 times last week. I must say I enjoy being there when it is empty much more than when there isn't an empty table.

Sunergos: Visited last night with Toto and played a rousing and slightly frustrating game of Scrabble. In addition to great espresso based drinks Sunergos has the only drip coffee I enjoy black.

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Noah said...

I posted on my blog. Finally. Just wanted to let you know. Cool stuff about coffee.