Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

Today is boxing day, a holiday celebrated in the the U.K and Canada which traditionally is for giving presents to those in need.

However, for the majority of us outside of the Common Wealth of Nations, December 26 signals the passing of yet another Christmas. In the next few days withering Christmas trees will be discarded and decorations will be boxed up and stored in garages and basements.

My Christmas was a day of considerable joy, largely due to the fellowship of my friends and family. This holiday season was not a time of tremendous financial or material gain, although I was given an assortment of books that I look forward to reading, as well as a few albums. However, there are certain joys that cannot be bought- like dominating a game of Balderdash in which four different families were competing or introducing old friends to the TV show Flight of the Concords .

May the Lord bless and keep you this upcoming year and may the incarnation of our Lord be something that we cherish and celebrate every day and

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