Thursday, February 21, 2008

A whole lot of random

The lunar eclipse looked pretty awesome tonight. That's not something you see everyday.

My audition for the Sojourn worship arts team went well as I could have hoped. The American Idol-esque format was kind of nerve racking but luckily Mike Cosper is a pretty relaxed dude. There were definately a lot of very talented musicians trying out; I was relieved to be the only keyboardist.

Why did I get a smoothie at Quills tonight? I was already frozen on the outside so why not the inside too, right?

I hope I don't have to cut my hair to visit Shawnee Baptist Church, but a large portion of my grade is riding on this interview, so desperate times and all that.

Today marks the first day that I wore my Sambas around town. Previously I have saved them just for games, but they're over a year old so I think it's okay to retire them to domestic use- plus they're just straight stylish.

I found out today that my copy of The Kite Runner is being returned to me with a coffee stain. No big. Better coffee than going the way of my copy of X&Y.

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