Sunday, June 15, 2008


Back to back nights of crashing at friends' apartments means 3 days of wearing the exact same clothes... pretty gross, but worth it.

While Istanbul is a very expensive city, cherries, peaches, and pistachios are grown locally so they are fresh and cheap. 2 lira bought me about 9 peaches (a kilo). Likewise cherries are going for the equivalent of 1.50 dollars a pound.

In the past week I have been yelled at twice by Turks- once by a bus driver who evidently decided he did not want to drive all the way to my stop, and another time by a street vendor who I accidentally handed 1 Lira to instead of 5.

Petrol is hovering around 3.50 a liter- roughly about about 11 dollars a gallon. Somehow the majority of the population continues to drive.

I am beginning to think more and more in the metric system without going back and forth between feet and pounds in my head... which may prove challenging once I am back in the States.

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