Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I think a few shorter posts are in order to balance out the dissertation I posted last week. Here are some quick blurbs.

When Paul agreed to host a Jubalson concert at his apartment, he wasn't expecting 44 people to show up. Alexandra Sailor was a fantastic opener and the Turksih Tea proved to be a big hit.

I've played a lot of concerts, but never one with a dance after party. The Groce mansion was absolutely swarming with light-footed urbanites dancing the night away in celebration of a very enthusiastic (and sweaty) Lance Limatti's birthday. Toto showed off some dance moves he learned before they were ironic.

The horse may have fallen lame, but Brooks Ritter's debut album is proof that there is still life in the Louisville music scene. Heck, it may have just restored my confidence in acoustic singer/songwriters in general. Seriously, buy this album- if you can find a copy, it's going fast.


Bolo said...

And when, pray tell, did they become ironic?

michael said...

There's is some diversity among cultural historians on this issue, but most scholars credit the hipster subculture of the early 2000's reviving the fringe movements, and by association dance moves, of the late 80's and early 90's.

Bolo said...

Thanks for that clarification. I'm glad I now know why hipsters have been known to run in fear from me on sight: they've stolen from me...stinkin' kids.