Sunday, March 08, 2009

Good News for People Who Like Good News!

Depending on the day of the week, if someone was to ask me who my favorite band is, I would respond with one of two answers. Amazingly, both are playing at The 930 this spring.

Aaron Weiss, the lead singer of mewithoutYou, is doing a very rare solo concert to kick off Cultivate Beauty month on March 27. The following day he will be teaching a song writing clinic. Both events are free. I have been absolutely captivated by Weiss's brilliant poetry for over six years now and I eagerly anticipating seeing him in person.

Also, Anathallo is performing on on April 16th. I can say without hesitation that Anathallo has the best live show of any band I have ever seen. The musicianship and contagious energy of this band can only be adequately experienced in person. The 930 is a perfect venue for this band- I'm expecting great things.

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ms. anne said...

i am so there on the 27th. excitement!
nice blog Chris H. had. did you by chance read it?