Monday, March 30, 2009

This Light and Momentary Pain

I was once told that in the Far East if someone desires to insult you they might tell you, "I hope you have an interesting year." I have not been able to confirm this during my travels in Asia, but regardless it has certainly been an interesting week.

Between the anesthesia and vicodin, the distinctions between days and are kind of ambiguous. I pretty much have just sat in one of three places while life seems to happen around me- a little like the book/film The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Most of the time I have been fluctuating somewhere between comfortably numb and a thorn in the flesh esque experience.

A most welcomed expectation to this pattern was the Aaron Weiss concert at the 930. Most unexpectedly, following the concert my friend Drew and I got to eat Ethiopian food with Aaron and discuss more in depth some of the ideas he seems to be espousing in his music.

Specifically, I asked him to further explain his attempts to unify Islam and Christianity when the two faiths have such radically different beliefs in the person and work of Jesus. This led to some discussion on the nature of revelation and authority. Like Menno Simmons, Aaron seems to believe that the internal work of the Spirit of God trumps any "tract or Holy Book". This inner guidance is common to all men and not coherently linked to the work of Jesus.

It was difficult to determine whether we were actually communicating, but he told me that my questions were beautiful and gave me several hugs in the course of the conversation. At one point he said "it makes a certain sense," and I had to fight from saying "but it's only stupid talk." It's hard to stop being a fanboy, even in theological debate.

In light of the concert and our discussion, I am eagerly anticipating mewithoutYou's new album, It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All A Dream! It’s Alright, where hopefully some of these questions of orthodoxy/ heterdoxy will be clarified.

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