Saturday, April 10, 2010


Istanbul is my new home. Istanbul is called büyükşehır, the Great City, which is an apt nickname because it's so overwhelmingly large it’s impossible to think of it as one city. Each of Istanbul's 39 districts basically function as their city, with multiple neighborhoods in each district functioning as towns.

This is my neighborhood, which is in the district of Kağıthane. My apartment is literally next to the mosque.
Right now they are building what will be Istanbul's tallest skyscraper in my front yard. It's so tall it took two photos to capture it.
Here's another angle... supposedly there's going to be a mall in their somewhere, which may affect the frugality of my budget, but will be very convenient.

Yes. I do think I will love living here.

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Matthew Milo Jackson said...

Looks cool man!

If you ever get overwhelmed with things over there, you can go to the top of the skyscraper and look down at your apartment. Maybe the view from way up above will cause your looming concerns to shrink with the rest of the buildings below.