Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Umbrella Graveyard

I was warned before I moved to Istanbul that the winters can be harsh. In reality the temperature is much more forgiving than the humid Ohio Valley winters I spent the last 5 years in, or the massive snowfalls Arizona's White Mountains can get when there's not a drought (which admittedly isn't often). However, since 3 major weather systems meet at Istanbul, the city can get some pretty gnarly winds. That coupled with incessant rain can make for a fairly miserable winter- even if the thermometer hasn't dropped below 0 C. Case in point, the short walk to my metro stopped was littered with discarded broken umbrellas whose poor construction could not withstand the elements.
Definitely looking forward to Spring.

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Julie said...

quality and inexpensive umbrella company. add that to your list. :)