Friday, March 31, 2006

spring break

three cheers for everyone NOT going any where for spring break. that's right. who says you need to go home, or to the lake, or the beach, or anywhere for that matter to have a good time during spring break?

ok, who am i fooling, i am just jealous. but in all honesty the extra hours i am picking up at work will be a huge blessing.

ok, good news, rumor has it that Louisville's number one indie/acoustic import from the west will be playing at Logos on the 15th. i am of course refering to butterworth & siege, of which i represent fifty percent. so be there, tell your friends, buy our cd (which doesnot exist yet, but hey technically neither does Underoath's new cd but that doesnot mean the guys on my hall dont already have a copy)

1 comment:

-mike- said...

You have a copy of Underoaths newest?? Send me it! Hook your brother up, dawg!