Saturday, October 07, 2006

"I'm still waiting to meet a girl like my Mom who's closer to my age"

I just picked up mewithoutYou's new CD, "Brother, Sister". So far I'm really digging it.

I leave you with a line from Nice and Blue (pt. two)- which is also the song the previous quote is from.

"Our horse was fast and first from the gate
with the lead of a length at the sound of the gun
and the last of our cash laid down to fate (at 17 to 1)
but by the final stretch in the rear of the pack
that nag limping bad in the back
we relunctantly gave all the money we'd saved,
1/5 to the commonwealth and the rest to the track"

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Cassie MAC said...

your mom said for me to tell you hi, by the way.