Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Game Day Central

Well the first day of VBS went very well. I must say that now that all of the preparations are over I am significantly less stressed. I love the kids in my class and so far they have been awesome.

Ironically all stress/frustration is from other teachers (though not my co-teachers, they are awesome). Basically, Coach Ken, Coach Rod, and myself (Coach Michael) are all about putting the "vacation" back in Vacation Bible School.

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Noah said...

I'm glad you liked the movie Michael. I don't understand why I hated it so much; everyone else that I have talked to loved it. But I really did hate the movie. I found it to be...well, you read the review. Anyway, hope things are going well for you. Thanx for reading the blog; I read yours, even if I don't always comment.