Thursday, November 06, 2008

Concert Blurbs

Quick concert recaps:

Anathallo. To say they are amazing live is so hypobolic it's ridiculous. I was wearing a silly grin on my face every second they were on stage. Their new album, "Canopy Glow", could be the best I have have heard in 2008.

Colour Revolt. Between the British alternate spelling and their rock solid shoegaze/post hardcore melodies, I'm led to believe this band went to Oxford in addition to being from Oxford... Mississippi that is.

Ben Sollee. Louisville's best musican? Quite possibly. He kicked off his national tour at the 930 to a sold out crowd.

Brian Ott. Is playing a show Sunday night at U of L and I am playing with him. See you there.

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ms. anne said...

Steven and the Ghosts: great new band. pretty sweet, they have a cellist who isn't as great as Ben Sollee but still rad. Man their guitarist can really bend notes. They were all in costume also! Fun stuff. ;)