Thursday, November 13, 2008


My second favorite cardigan, my third favorite pair of jeans, and my newest gloves were destroyed when I crashed my bike today. Arrgh. Being a bicycle commuter is suppose to save me money, but when you factor in the damages to the bike, that spill set me back $70. Thankfully my own injuries are only peripheral so there are no medical bills.

As Dimitri Martin says, "The easiest way to add insult to injury is when you are signing someone's cast."


Bolo said...

Dang, that stinks, buddy :/

msdaniel said...

Yeah...sorry bro! Details about the crash? Location, etc.?

michael said...

The crash was remarkably smooth, by the grace of God.

I leaning hard into a turn on campus and in the slick conditions (it was raining)i ended up laying it down "Fast and the Furious style" and just sliding like i was stealing home in the world series- only on asphalt.