Sunday, February 01, 2009

Pattaya: Day 1

Quite fortunately my initial concerns about being unable to locate some Thai iced coffee proved to be unfounded, as I ended up having three yesterday.  Incidentally, here in Thailand one can just say "iced coffee".

Paint balling with the 3CKs was pretty hardcore. Team blue-gray sadly was not victorious in capturing the flag, but I had a couple really good kills so I walked away with my blood-lust satisfied. 

I almost went bungee jumping for 1600 baht, as my jet lagged, sleep deprived mind thought that was around 15 USD.  Thankfully I realized my error before I shelled out more than 50 bucks.  All the Russians free-falling 60 meters made it looked awesome though. 

Taryn's package is now safely delivered.  It's turns out all the hearts and unicorns Sarah and I drew on it kind of made it awkward after all.  Just goes to show one can't judge another person's sense of humor off of a Facebook profile picture alone. 

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