Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cycling v. Skateboarding

Due to the tornado warnings and falling power lines Wednesday night, I had to leave my bike at work and was not able to pick it up until today. In the interim, skateboarding became my most effective means of transportation- well other than bumming rides of course. Although cycling has since eclipsed it, skateboarding was a large part of my life (and dare I say identity) in middle and high school and it was refreshing to do some pushing instead of pedaling for a while.

The whole ordeal inspired me to examine some of the pros and cons of cycling and skateboarding. Here's what I've come up with:


you can do it on the sidewalk

it is easier to carry up stairs

easier to learn tricks to impress the ladies

people never wear spandex when skateboarding


it's a heck of a lot faster

you don't develop asymmetrical leg muscles

doesn't have the adolescent connotations that skateboarding does

doesn't come to a screeching halt when running over a pebble.

also it's a heck of a lot faster.

So, what's the verdict?


Jeremy said...

Longboarding is the verdict.

Easy to learn

Fun for joy riding

Fun for transportation

Pwns pesky pebbles with prominate wheels

The joy of confused statements such as "where'd you get THAT skateboard?" and more confusion as you explain to them why it's not a skateboard like you are telling them the sky is blue.

Evangeline S. Krenzin said...