Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Intern: Day One

First day of interning at Veritas recap:

My intern projects for the day included: installing window AC units, organizing receipts for expense reports, editing/formatting the Veritas Kids ministry handbook, and strategizing over coffee.

I had the worst latte ever at the Short North's best coffee shop. Steaming milk should sound like gentle chirping... not a battlefield. Thankfully, Nick told me about this spot down town which looks promising. He says they pour some mean latte art so I am interested to see what these Buckeye baristas got.

Researching my neighborhood online the first article that came up was this one. I ate lunch at #3 today...before I read the article. Get your mind out of the gutter.

After work I did a little detective work and found that there is a big, weekly bike ride on Monday nights that meets a few blocks from my apartment. When I asked Dan at Paradise Garage if the riders were inclusive, he advised me to "let the hot shots be the hot shots." Not sure what that means but it seems like a good idea... my ankle isn't quite up for any "hot shotting" anyway.

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