Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Resurrection of the Son of God

Yesterday I bought this book. So far I have only read most of chapter one, but it has been baller. I especially liked the following quote.

"George Caird once pointed out, when a speaker declares 'I'm mad about my flat' it helps to know whether they are American ( in which case they are angry about their puncture) or British (in which case they are enthusiastic about their living quarters). (9)

Understanding the cultural context is not just for missiologists folks. In this area Wright seems to know what's up.


Steven Carr said...

'Made up' surely, not 'made'?

No British speaker would ever say I'm made about my flat.

You do need to understand the context of Biblical sayings.

What did the author of 1 Peter mean by saying 'All flesh is grass'?

Did he mean that some flesh did not see corruption?

Wright's book explains what was meant by 'All flesh is grass', and why it meant that some flesh did not see corruption.

But I forget the page number where Wright discusses that statement in 1 Peter.

michael said...

Typo corrected. Will keep an eye out for this discussion on 1 Peter.