Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yesterday mewithoutYou released their fourth LP, it's all crazy! it's all false! it's all a dream! it's alright!

The most compelling track on the album is "the Angel of Death came to David's room", a biblical dialogue that's equal parts negro spiritual and middle eastern folk ballad. The lyrics appear as follows in the album booklet:

"ANGEL: Friends, it's time to go
DAVID: Angel, no, I think you've come too soon!
ANGEL: Sorry, friend, now put your hand in mine..
DAVID: but good Angel, don't I get a warning sign before it's my time to go?
ANGEL: a sign? come now David? where's your Grandma gone? and where's your Grandpa gone? their time came to go
DAVID: but I slew Goliath with the sling and stone! it's not my time to go
ANGEL: and he'll be waiting for you when we get back home it's time to go - come now David! Where's you're [sic] Mama gone? and where've all you Aunts and Uncles gone? their time came to go
DAVID: can I tell Solomon the things I've learned before it's my time to go?
ANGEL: I'm sorry, friend, that none of my concern, it's time to go - come now David! Where's Uriah gone, stranded on the battlefield, the troops withdrawn? his time to go come now, David! where's Bathsheba gone? and where've your binoculars and rooftops gone? and the unexpected Baby-from-the-bath-night? their time came to go

Come now, David!
Where's everybody going?"

In many ways, this songs speaks for itself and demands little commentary. However, it almost seems that Aaron Weiss has shifted from inclusivism to full blown pluralism in the line "he'll be waiting for you when we get back home. " I know of very few theologians of who would suggest that David, the allbeit sinful but still anointed leader of God's people, faced the same eternal fate as Goliath, the enemy of God' people whose head is crushed by God's annointed one (cf. Graeme Goldsworthy's Gospel and Kingdom).

Nevertheless, this song serves as a haunting reminder of the brevity of life and the impartiality of death.

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Shann said...

yes it seems as if for Aaron now that Jesus is merely his way, and others can have their own way. Given the rest of the albums lyrics it seems like he is into the whole we are all gonna return to God sort of theology. Great album though, there are many great themes that run through it.