Monday, July 13, 2009

Putting the Material back into Materialism

I bought the bag. (Not the one pictured... a different one.)

Here is my reasoning/ justification:

1. The bag I bought earlier this summer was very uncomfortable on longer rides. The strap was not padded and cut into the shoulder when hauling a heavy load.  Also the Rickshaw laid across my lower back which was causing back pain I never had when I was using a backpack. 

2. The Seagull fits snugly, like a backpack. The Rickshaw slid around like crazy- needing readjustment every couple of blocks. It sometimes even ending up in my lap when riding on cobblestone. I've had more than one close call when trying to finagle it back into place while riding. 

3. The Seagull is 100% waterproof. I got caught in what seemed like a monsoon the other day and it would have been nice to not worry about the contents of my bag. 

4.  The Seagull is a locally manufactured work of art.  For me, buying this bag is a little like buying a Turkish Rug in Istanbul.  It's a beautiful, indigenous piece of culture that is intimately connected to the place.  It's almost like buying a small piece of the city to take with me all over the globe. 

5. It's hip and I can be a materialistic bastard sometimes. 

1 comment:

Jason said...

i don't think you should buy the bag. only #5 makes sense for buying it.