Friday, July 31, 2009


Many strange and unexpected things have happened this week. A few include:

I saw the Pastors I work for, Nick Nye and Joe Byler perform at Columbus's hottest gay night club. It's a long story but at one point I ended up in the VIP room.

The Monday night bike ride stopped by Columbus's Buddhist temple. We frightened the Laotian monks, who in turn gave of a tour of the facility. Very hospitable.

Tragically I was at a murder scene before the cops arrived. A man was stabbed repeatedly and died later at the hospital. Two men across the street were laughing at him as he bled to death. They were both arrested. It grieves to see a human created in the image of God treated this way.

I also led my team to victory in a game of touch football, which as most of my friends know is atypical for me to excel at sports. Well because of my recovering ankle I had to be all-time quarterback, which means I was partly responsible for every score, even an interception returned for a TD.

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