Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Walk in The Park

Well the whole living-on-the-complete-opposite-side-of-the-world thing finally caught up with me and I've been sick now for an entire week. Granted, I'm not a doctor and I only got a B in biology, but Google seems to think I have bronchitis, which would explain the incessant and sometimes violent coughing.
Well thankfully it doesn't take a prescription to get drugs in this country, and considering today was the first time I felt better than the day before, I think these massive, grape-sized antibiotics are doing the trick.

As a general rule, I hate being sick. Although it's usually a great excuse to stay inside and read- which is usually my favorite pastime- I haven't been immersed in this culture nearly long enough to want to escape from it. Furthermore, today was obnoxiously beautiful, so I forced myself to take a stroll through the 'hood.
Thankfully, even the most urban of neighborhoods like mine has a park near by, and on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, it's pretty much the place to be. Sitting on park benches might as well be a sport in Istanbul. Good luck finding an empty one.

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