Thursday, June 15, 2006

Well i watched the motion picture "Elizabethtown", which was, as most of you know, filmed primarily on location in Kentucky and Tennesee. Other than the fact that like so many other movies of its genre it glorifies extra-marital sex, and the old people making sex jokes that seems to be standard material in comedies these days, I enjoyed it quite immensely.

Now, those of you who have actually talked to me for more than, say, five minutes know I am from Arizona. From the Grand Canyon to my very own Mogollon Rim, Arizona is by far the greatest state that i have ever been too, asthetically and culturely. However, while watching the numerous scenes featuring locations from Louisville and the surrounding area, I found a certain sense of attachment to my new second home.

As much as I am enjoying being home, I look forward to the new semester with great anticipation and joy.

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Bolo said...

Just be sure to wake up on time for your flight back.