Thursday, June 15, 2006

When I look out my window in the morning i see smoke. No, its not my little brother trying to sneak a cigerette (as if he ever even thought about smoking, i would kill him and thus eleminate any chances of getting cancer), but yet another forest fire. This actually is quite common, considering that Arizona is in the middle of a decade long drought (for those of you from the east coast, a drought is when it doesn't rain- at all- and if on the off chance it does actually happen to rain, because it has been dry for so long all of the water simply evaporates).

Anytime my tiny little hometown of Heber/Overgaard (pop. 2500) makes the AP, its worth noticing.


Bolo said...

2,500? Hey, that's like my high school!

And I bet you guys didn't even have someone as cool as The Rock from your little town ;)

Or Toto, for that matter...

James said...

Hey man, I hope the fires dont get to close to ya!