Thursday, January 04, 2007

Created in God's Image

So I'm reading this book, Created in God's Image by Anothony A. Hoekema for my Theology II J-Term, and so far it's been pretty enlightening. The following quote from Herman Bavinck is especially heavy/

"Man does not simply bear or have the image of God; he is the image of God. From the doctrine that man has been created in the image of God flows the clear implication that that image extends to the man in his entirety. Nothing in man is excluded from the image of God. All creatures reveal traces of God, but only man is the image of God. And he is that image totally, in soul and body, in all faculites and powers, in all conditions and relationships. Man is the image of God insofar as he is true man, and is man, true and real man, because and insofar as he is the image of God."

wow. pretty heavy stuff.

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