Tuesday, January 30, 2007

That's Awesome

I like stealing my friend's catch phrases.

I especially like using one phrase in particular, "that's awesome" (spoken in a monotone, Ben Stein-esq voice) I stole it from my friend Darrick Dowdy.

It essentially is used to refer to anything- despite the literal meaning of the phrase- that in actuality is not, well, awesome. I believe Darrick coined the phrase when we were on the high school golf team at Mogollon High

I give you a few examples of "that's awesome" situations that occured to me recently.

Four middle-aged yet still frat-boyish ruffians talking rather inappropriately (and loudly) about women at Java while I was trying to study.

Trying to start our now broken down car in the freezing, freezing cold.

Returning to the study lounge to retrieve my forgotten gloves, only to barge in on a lone couple sharing a very... well... intimate moment.

Yep. That's awesome.

1 comment:

darrick said...

I believe it's "way to be awesome."