Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mark Driscoll

So I recently read an interview in Relevant with several well known church leaders, including Mark Driscoll. A couple of the things he said really made an impression on me.

Relevant Magazine: "What is a negative tendacy of this generation as it relates to the faith?"

Driscoll: "This generation can be a whiny bunch of idealists getting together in small groups to complain about megachurches and the religious right rather than doing something."

RM: "What do you see as the greatest challenge for young Christians in the next ten years."

Driscoll: "There's a strong drift toward the hard theological left. Some emergant types [want] to recast Jesus as a limp-wrist hippie in a dress with a lot of product in His hair, who drank decaf and made pithy Zen statements about life while stopping for the perfect pair of shoes. In Revelation, Jesus is a pride fighter who has a tatoo down his leg, a sword in his hand and the commitment to make someone bleed. That is a guy I can worship. I cannot worship the hippie, diaper, halo Christ because I cannot worship a guy I can beat up."

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