Wednesday, January 03, 2007

John G. Patton

I'm taking a slight break from my Theology II reading to start John G. Patton's autobiography, John G. Patton. So far I'm only at the end of chapter two and I've already been in tears twice.

One of the more moving accounts comes from his childhood, when his family was on the brink of malnourishment during a famine. However his family recieved an unexpected package of food, and were able to survive until the famine ended. His godly, Christian mother used the oppurtunity to teach her children about God's love, saying:

"Oh my children, love your Heavenly Father, tell Him in faith and prayer all your needs, and He will supply your wants so far as it shall be for your good and His glory."

This last part really touched me. Often my prayers are directed at such trivial things that are not really for my betterment and certainly not for God's glory.

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