Monday, December 14, 2009

Pigeon Holes

I just took a mandatory personality test. For the record, I think they're shallow and generally unhelpful. Take for instance this actual question:

At parties do you:
#1. Sometimes get bored.
#2. Always have a good time.

If anyone chooses answer #2. it means they either (a) are in frat-boy denial, or (b) only go to select parties and not the obligatory ones that most of us have to attend. I personally don't see how the quality of one's friends parties has anything to do with said person fitting into one of several preconceived categories. The spirit of the question seems to be getting at whether the test-taker is an introvert or an extravert, which evidently can be scientifically determined. The irony here is that I almost always have a good time at parties, but on occasion have found myself disinterested. Seeing as I neither fit into scenario (a) or (b), as well as have a predisposition to despise modernistic attempts to label me, I choose the only intellectually possible answer, which may or may not reflect well on my personality.

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Megan said...

AGREED. I was so frustrated with that test, and I am also bitter that we can't see the results till later. Even though those results probably won't accurately reflect my personality. Bummer.