Thursday, December 31, 2009


This post is in anticipation of dancing tomorrow night away.

Previously I have only made fairly arbitrary New Year's Resolutions, like not drink soda pop for a year. Seeing as I should be putting off childish ways by now I'm going to make some real resolutions.

5. Get physically fit again. I used to be in pretty good shape, then I got hit by a car and have been using that as an excuse to be fat and lazy ever sense. Starting January 2010, not anymore.
4. Translate a book of the New Testament. I've spent a lot of time learning Greek and want to put it to good use. I'm think Ephesians right now, but that's still open to suggestion. Suggestions?
3. Become more financially disciplined. I don't really care for money that much. I really don't have any ambitions of being wealthy or acquiring material goods. However, I've often used this disinterest as an excuse to being irresponsible. Frugality and contentment: two words I hope describe my financial planning in 2010.
2. Learn Turkish. It's pretty pathetic I can only converse in one language. I mean really, how narcissistic is it that I expect everyone to speak my language?
1. Memorize more Scripture. The last year I've really focused on learning biblical theology, that is focusing on the big picture: typology, plot movements, developing themes, and so forth. This year I want to hide God's word in my heart, and not just proof texts but chunks of it!

Hopefully these resolutions will not be goals of self glorification but acts of worship in service of a holy God.


Johanna said...

for #2

Libby said...

Idea: translate a book of the New Testament into Turkish. Then memorize it. Uç kuş, bir taş.

michael said...

Good idea Libby, but that might be a resolution for next year.